Breast Imaging

Mammography screening for breast cancer is being advocated in many countries but Hong Kong has not yet had a territory-wide screening program. This is part of the research focus of CUHK to investigate the efficacy of conducting such a program in Hong Kong.

Representative publications:

  • Poon PKM, Tam KW, Lam T, Luk AKC, Chu WCW, Cheung P, Wong SYS, Sung JJY. Poor health literacy associated with stronger perceived barriers to breast cancer screening and overestimated breast cancer risk. Front Oncol. 2023;12:1053698.
  • Sung JJY, Luk AKC, Ng SSM, Ng ACF, Chiu PKF, Chan EYY, Cheung PSY, Chu WCW, Wong SH, Lam TYT, Wong SYS. Effectiveness of One-Stop Screening for Colorectal, Breast, and Prostate Cancers: A Population-Based Feasibility Study. Front Oncol. 2021;11:631666.