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8 Jun 2024 NEWS Radiology team receives the Faculty Education Award for 2024 – Collaborative Teams 8 Jun 2024 NEWS Dr Tiffany So awarded the Faculty Education Award for 2024 Dr. Tiffany So 23 May 2024 NEWS CU Medicine study reveals increasing cognitive activity participation strengthens brain network Prof. Winnie Chu 2 Apr 2024 NEWS CUHK develops novel retrievable nanorobots for targeted and enhanced thrombolysis potentially saving stroke patients from brain damage 23 Dec 2023 NEWS Congratulations to Prof. Winnie Chu for receiving the Faculty and University Education Awards 2023 Prof. Winnie Chu 2 Aug 2023 NEWS Delegates visit from the University of Nottingham Prof. Winnie Chu, Prof. Edward Hui
18 May 2023 EVENTS Event Highlight | Asia Summit on Global Health Prof. Weitian Chen
16 May 2023 NEWS CUHK develops an interventional catheterisation-integrated swarming microrobotic platform for aneurysm embolisation treatment: a new non-invasive approach Prof. Simon Yu 14 Apr 2023 NEWS Congratulations to Prof. Simon Yu for being awarded the Asia Pacific Society of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology Gold Medal in 2023 for services to international radiology Prof. Simon Yu 31 Mar 2023 NEWS Prof. James Griffith received honorary membership from European Society of Radiology in March 2023 for services to radiology Prof. James Griffith 15 Feb 2023 NEWS International Invention Fair in the Middle East Prof. Weitian Chen
1 Jan 2023 NEWS Ranked No. 2 in Asia for the Best Global Universities in Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging in the U.S. news and World Report 14 Dec 2022 NEWS Congratulations to Prof. Tiffany So for receiving Educational Technology Innovation Gold Award in Teaching and Learning Innovation Expo CUHK 2022 Prof. Tiffany So 11 Nov 2022 EVENTS Event Highlight | HKTDC Hong Kong International Medical and Healthcare Fair Prof. Weitian Chen 14 Sep 2022 NEWS Non-invasive imaging detects early-stage “silent killer” liver fibrosis Prof. Simon Yu, Prof. Winnie Chu, Prof Weitian Chen
8 Aug 2022 NEWS CUHK leading Asia’s battle to improve bile duct cancer survival rates by developing a novel combinational strategy in clinical trial Prof. Simon Yu
12 Jul 2022 NEWS Innovative Research Receives Grant of Over $50 million from RGC Theme-based Research Scheme Prof. Simon Yu, Prof. Tiffany So
28 Apr 2022 NEWS CUHK Triumphs on International Exhibition Stage for Innovation Prof. Weitian Chen
20 Apr 2022 NEWS Supervised by Prof. James Griffith, Dr. Stefanie Yip received the Emerging Research Abstract Gold Medal in American Roentgen Ray Society Annual Meeting 2023, Hawaii Prof. James Griffith, Dr. Stefanie Yip 15 Apr 2022 NEWS Prof. James Griffith was invited as keynote speaker in the Musculoskeletal Society of India 10th Annual Conference Prof. Kakarla Subbarao oration 2022 Prof. James Griffith 28 Feb 2022 NEWS MR Imaging of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma – review article by Prof. Ann King, is one of the most read articles from Magnetic Resonance Imaging Clinics Prof. Ann King 24 Jan 2022 NEWS College Member and Alumna Won Medals in the International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva 2022 Prof. Weitian Chen
6 Dec 2021 EVENTS Event Highlight | Symposium on Health Data For All: How to Utilize HA Health Data for Multidisciplinary Grant Applications Prof. Tiffany So, Prof. Matthew Wong 30 Oct 2021 NEWS Hong Kong International Medical and Healthcare Fair 2021 Prof. Weitian Chen Oct 2021 NEWS International ICT Expo 2021 Prof. Tiffany So
8 Jul 2021 NEWS CUHK World First Shows AI-derived MRI Brain Indices Aid Clinical Detection of Three Cognitive Disorders at Early Stage Prof. Winnie Chu 20 Apr 2021 NEWS CUHK Research Team Develops an AI System for Detecting COVID-19 Infections in CT with a Privacy Preserving Multinational Vaildation Study Prof. Simon Yu, Prof. Tiffany So 28 Mar 2021 NEWS CUHK Research Team Enables Navigation and Localisation of Microrobotic Swarms in Blood Vessels. Drive Forward Transformation towards Medical Applications Prof. Simon Yu 25 Jan 2021 NEWS T/H Ratio Can Effectively Predict Treatment Outcome of Prostatic Artery Embolisation Prof. Simon Yu 7 Jan 2021 NEWS CU Medicine Study Proves Pocket-size Mobile Echocardiographic Screening Device Effective in Detecting Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Prof. Simon Yu