Launch of Department GPU Cluster

We are pleased to announce the establishment of our new High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster with General Purpose Graphical Processing Units (GPGPU). The new cluster is equipped with a total of 20,480 CUDA cores, 2,560 Tensor cores and 128GB graphical memory, providing a theoretical peak deep learning capacity at 112TFLOPS. The exceptional efficient computation devices are at currently alpha release state to test for the acceleration power in AI related projects. The system is expected to be in full production power in late 2019.

How to Participate in the Cluster Project?

The cluster management team is looking for cooperative projects to improve clinical diagnostic and cluster management skills. If you are interested in the cluster, please contact the department office via with attention to Jacky Ko or Matthew Wong.

Supporting Libraries

Researchers are encouraged to install any software and library in the cluster necessary for their work. The libraries currently supported by our system include but are not limited to the following: