MRI Facility

MRI Facility
(Exclusive to CUHK research users)



Net Price (HK$)*1,2

CUHK projects

(Fulltime CUHK staff as PI / Co-PI and budget holder)

Joint Projects

(CU staff as Co-I/ Co-PI, funding from other institutes)


sponsored projects

(CU staff as sole PI and budget holder)

Philips 3T MRI Scanner 



From $8,000/hr*3


From $1100/scan/report*3

MRI protocol test



Contrast (Gadolinium)*4,5

$1,000 per case

Image upload to non-DIIR platform

HK$300 /scan

Weekend surcharge 

(for HA manpower)


Remarks (*):

  1. Overhead / service charge to the University and HA is NOT included. Overhead (if applicable) should be arranged by the PI with the University (ORKTS) / HA directly. 
  2. The above charges include machine time, operator support, data download charges, consumables (i.e. ear plugs, hair net, hospital gowns). All other consumables not provided by DIIR should be obtained by the users.
  3. Cost will be reviewed case by case and subject to sequence complexity.
  4. HA clinical management system (CMS) report is compulsory for the use of contrast.
  5. A medical doctor needs to be in attendance in the MRI suite area in case of contrast reaction.


All charges are subject to annual adjustments based on cost changes.  



PIs are strongly advised to obtain an official quotation prior to grant application and collaboration agreement confirmation.


Scanning Time

Monday – Friday:  09:00 -13:00 & 14:00 – 17:00

Saturday: Upon request only

Sunday and Public holiday: Closed


Telephone: 3505 2288


Address: LG/F, Sir Yue Kong Pao Centre for Cancer

Prince of Wales Hospital, Shatin