Certificate/Diploma Program in  Vascular & Interventional Radiology

To provide a comprehensive review and update on the knowledge on clinical application of interventional options

To inform the candidate of the necessary practical skills

To equip the candidate with an understanding of the various disease processes

To facilitate interaction and cooperation among medical and health professionals and

To cultivate a sense of patient care that is patient-centered, compassionate, appropriate, and effective for the treatment of diseases

Oncology and interventional management of malignancy with implications on nursing care; clinical management and endovascular intervention of a number of clinical conditions with implications on nursing care, including ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke, acute blunt and penetrating injury, carotid blow out; introduction of new interventional technologies in patient management with implications on nursing care.

Certificate program is registered under the qualification framework of level 2

Diploma program is registered under the qualification framework of level 3

Program is  CME, CPD and CNE accredited

After graduation, DVIR (Diploma in VIR) is a quotable qualification for radiographers and this is an important component for the qualification of specialty radiology nursing.

About the Program Program Objectives Program Highlights Program Recognition

Miss Chiang Yim Ha (PWH)

Dr. Chu Shiu Kay Ferdinand (QMH)

Dr. Kwok Chong Hei Phillip (QEH)

Dr. Lau Shun Samuel (KWH)

Dr. Lee Sing Fun Paul (NDH)

Dr. Ma Ka Fai Johnny (PMH)

Miss Tam Sin Yee (PWH)

Dr. Wong Ka Tak Jeffery (PWH)

Dr. Wong Yiu Chung (TMH)

Dr.  Yu San Ming Peter(UCH)

Program Curriculum Committee

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