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Obstetric Ultransonography


This course will introduce the basic concept of embryology, the normal and abnormal sonographic appearance of fetal structures. The pregnancy including complications in the first, second and third trimester will be discussed. A brief sonographic screening of chromosomal abnormalities and genetic syndrome in the first and second trimester scans will be provided. Clinical approach includes biochemical screening for Downs syndrome and open neural tube defect will be covered. The students need to understand the prevalence, etiology, prenatal sonographic features and prognosis for certain common fetal abnormalities. Determination of the number, size, location and chorionicity of pregnancy will be discussed. Brief discussion on multiple pregnancy and its associated assessment, placental location, fetal structural abnormalities and their correlations to pregnancy complication will be included. A discussion on the ultrasound scanning of adnexal regions and understanding of the maternal diseases that are related to pregnancy will be required. (Remarks: live demonstration will be provided)